LG enters the 4k market by releasing three TV models, with much higher sharpness compared to standard high-definition TV sets. The company’s lineup includes 55”, 65” and 84” models. With the new resolution standard, LG can use bigger display without degrading the overall quality. Unfortunately, the high price tag may limit these TV models only to enthusiasts and early adopters. The 84” model went on sale last year for $20,000 and the 55” model at $10,000. LG’s upscaling technology can take the content of lesser resolution and render it in much higher detail. The company has also agreed with KBS, a major broadcaster in South Korea, to deliver Ultra HD content for owners of 4k TV.  LG announced that its TV models can be hooked to smartphones to allow users play games.

LG plan to release few 4K TV in near by future, buying a 4K TV is quite expensive as prices of 4K TV is high. If you are planning to get more information of new 4K TV released by LG, keep on checking this section as we list news, reviews and comparisons of 4K TV’s launched by LG on this page. In coming days 4K TV, 4k OLED TV or 4K Ultra high definition television or 4K Ultra HD TV is the next coming thing in TV. Keep on checking LG 4K TV Section to find best deals on LG 4K Tv’s.

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