Panasonic is known for typical, day-to-day home products, which are unfortunately lack that kind of chest-thumping excitement. During a keynote speech at CES, the company revealed a new 56” TV model that combines 4k and OLED technologies. It’s not really that surprising that the prototype TV model takes the spotlight on Panasonic’s CES booth. It greeted attendee as soon as they arrived to the spot. A closer inspection revealed that Panasonic has good implementation of 4k technology, with fairly extreme viewing angles and good contrast. Overall, Panasonic managed to deliver a 4k TV that offers flawless blacks and incredibly deep colors.

Panasonic plan to release few 4K TV in near by future, buying a 4K TV is quite expensive as prices of 4K TV is high. If you are planning to get more information of new 4K TV released by Panasonic, keep on checking this section as we list news, reviews and comparisons of 4K TV’s launched by Panasonic on this page. In coming days 4K TV, 4k OLED TV or 4K Ultra high definition television or 4K Ultra HD TV is the next coming thing in TV. Keep on checking Panasonic 4K TV Section to find best deals on Panasonic 4K Tv’s.

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