Qualcomm Prematurely Kills Its 4K Chip For Smart TVs

smart tv
smart tv

Qualcomm announced the Snap dragon 802 chip last month at the CES 2014 event. But according to latest report, the 4K component has died quietly. The untimely passing is announced in an official blog post that provides an update to Snapdragon 802 processor. Experts believed that the cancellation is caused by problems that Qualcomm faces. Some also accused that the chip is nothing more than a vaporware. However, Qualcomm’s seems to cite the lack of demand for 4K chips in the smart TV market.

The chip maker simply says that it no longer has a plan to commercialize the Snapdragon 802 due to smaller than anticipated demands. Qualcomm also assures that the decision is limited only to the Snapdragon 802 and it continues to ship other 4K-related components in TV industry. This is surely a disappointing development, because Qualcomm claimed at CES 2014 that the Snapdragon 802 4K chip is the greatest thing in the smart TV industry. 4K TVs equipped with the chip could benefit from console-quality gaming, rich user interface and seamless decoding of 4K video content. Users could also open video conferencing session while play online games or stream a movie while browsing the web.


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