Samsung S90C 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart QD-OLED TV: A Stunning Viewing Experience

Samsung S90C 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart QD-OLED TV: A Stunning Viewing Experience

Samsung has been at the forefront of the TV market for several years, and their latest offering, the Samsung S90C 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart QD-OLED TV, continues their tradition of delivering high-quality and innovative products. This TV features a sleek and modern design, with a 65-inch screen that delivers crystal-clear images and stunning color reproduction.

The Samsung S90C TV features a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which provides an incredibly detailed and sharp picture. The TV also has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which ensures that fast-moving action and sports look smooth and seamless. The TV uses OLED technology, which provides deep blacks, excellent contrast, and vivid colors. The TV supports various HDR formats, including HDR10, HDR10+, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10+ Gaming, and HLG, which deliver an even more immersive and realistic viewing experience.

The audio quality of the Samsung S90C TV is equally impressive, with a total speaker output of 60 watts. The TV features Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0, which create a three-dimensional audio experience that surrounds the viewer. The TV also has Active Voice Amplifier, Adaptive Sound+, Object Sound Tracking+, and Bluetooth Audio, which help to deliver clear and dynamic audio.

The Samsung S90C TV offers several connectivity options, including three USB ports and four HDMI ports, which allow users to connect various devices, such as gaming consoles, streaming devices, and more. The TV supports HDMI 2.1, which provides faster and more efficient data transfer, and ensures that users can enjoy the latest gaming consoles at their best performance. The TV also has an RF input (analog co-axial) port, a component output port, and a headphone/speaker output port. Additionally, the TV has Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth capabilities, which allow users to connect to the internet and stream content from various sources, as well as screen mirroring/miracast.

Smart TV Features
The Samsung S90C TV is a smart TV, which means that users can access various apps and services directly from their TV. The TV has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. The TV supports social media integration, which allows users to keep up with their favorite social media platforms directly from their TV. Additionally, the TV comes with a universal control remote, which allows users to control their TV and other devices with one remote.

The Samsung S90C 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart QD-OLED TV is a top-of-the-line TV that delivers an immersive and stunning viewing experience. Its OLED display, HDR support, and 144 Hz refresh rate provide sharp and vivid images, while its Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 create an impressive three-dimensional audio experience. With its connectivity options and smart TV features, this TV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a premium and versatile TV.




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