Sharp has joined other 4k TV manufacturers and showed their own models at CES. The company’s approach to the exciting 4k world is obviously unique. With the IGZO panel, 4k TVs and monitors will have quite a few added positive characteristics. For example, Sharp claimed that their IGZO 4k monitors are the thinnest in the industry.

Fortunately, the boast came with a specific measurement and their 4k IGZO monitors are less than 1.5” thick. Other benefits of IGZO panels are lower energy consumption, higher brightness level and sharper objects. Combined with edge-lit LED backlight design, it allows the products to become incredibly crisp and bright.

Sharp plan to release few 4K TV in near by future, buying a 4K TV is quite expensive as prices of 4K TV is high. If you are planning to get more information of new 4K TV released by Sharp, keep on checking this section as we list news, reviews and comparisons of 4K TV’s launched by Sharp on this page. In coming days 4K TV, 4k OLED TV or 4K Ultra high definition television or 4K Ultra HD TV is the next coming thing in TV. Keep on checking Sharp 4K TV Section to find best deals on Sharp 4K Tv’s.