Seiki Releases Two Low-Cost 4K TV Models

Seiki 4K TVSeiki has introduced a new 39” UHD TV with LED backlighting and analog/digital TV tuner. At 4k resolution, the TV works with 30Hz refresh and 120Hz refresh at 1080p resolution.  The TV set is already available in Amazon for only $699. Seiki is a little-known brand in the TV industry and the reason for the affordable pricing is that they operate their own plant.

The straightforward business model cut middle-man costs and affects pricing in a very positive way.  The company has also impressed us with 50” Ultra HD 4k TV at CE Ultra, which costs only $1500. Nevertheless, not all 4K TVs are created equal and it will be soon known how good Seiki’s solutions are.

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HBO’s Bob Zitter Believes that 4K TVs Will Fail

4K TVHBO’s important figure, Bob Zitter, recently revealed his true opinion about the fledgling 4k technology. He is skeptical that consumers will purchase 4k TV sets in sufficient numbers. Not only these TVs are prohibitively expensive for many buyers, measuring at above 55”, few people will have enough space in their living room to fit one.

Major content broadcasters, including HBO, are currently reluctant to deliver 4k programming unless many people already have 4k TV sets. He also argues that 3D TV sets are dead, especially those requiring special glasses. Eventually, consumers will find 3D glass an impediment, which negatively affects their experience.

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Microsoft Shows a 120” 4k TV at Seattle

Microsoft 4k TVTraditionally, Microsoft isn’t known as a TV manufacturer. However, the software giant recently showed a demo at the Envisioning Center in Seattle. Visitors would surely be awed by a 120” 4k TV, which is claimed as the largest in the industry. It is used as a demo unit and displays a storytelling experience with full Kinect support.

The company said that this should be the norm in less than 10 years. Beyond its gargantuan size, the demo shows how future high-resolution, large TV sets should be connected to different technologies available inside a home. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t have a plan to sell the TV to consumers.

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Samsung S9 4k TV is Available for Pre-order

Samsung S9 Ultra 4KTVThe Samsung S9 4k TV is already available for pre-order and users in the US can get it on the company’s official website for $40,000. The 85” TV is equipped with automatic dimming feature and content conversion to near-ultra HD quality. It should be noted there’s limited amount of 4k content available and the TV simply convert 1080p content to near-4k resolution.

The Samsung S9 4k TV offers 4 times bigger resolution than standard 1080p full HD models currently available in the market. The TV was originally unveiled at CES and its price tag in South Korea is slightly lower at $35,700.

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