World’s First 4k Channel is Released in Europe

4k Channel ReleaseA French-based satellite provider has just started the broadcast of the world’s first 4k channel. The Ultra HD or 4k offers four times the resolution of typical HD broadcasts and while 4k TV models are making headlines, there’s still very little real 4k content to speak of. A common solution is by upconverting or upscaling 1080p videos. Eutelsat claimed that broadcasting its 4k content doesn’t require significant modifications to their existing system.

The company is planning to rollout full-length 4k content soon by using a new kind of compression standard. Previously, Sony has announced plans to convert some movie titles through its subsidiary, the Sony Pictures. It should be noted that users won’t see much difference when viewing 4k technology on smaller screen and TV sets larger than 50” are needed.

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Vizio Unveils Its 4k TV models

Vizio 4k Ultra HDTVVizio is joining the 4k market by introducing its own TV models, with three different sizes, 55”, 65” and 70”. They will feature 240Hz refresh rate, 3D capability and LED technology. Unfortunately, it’s not known how much these models will cost when they launch. But it’s sensible to expect that Vizio is attempting to push the price down to better compete with bigger names in the industry.

The company said that it will bring the expensive 4k technology to mainstream users and this seems like a good indicator of lower pricing. There’s no word when these TV sets will be available for sale.

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