Toshiba seeks to challenge LG, Samsung and Sony in the 4k market by debuting an impressive 84-inch TV. With incredible sample video and vivid color reproduction, the 4k TV model didn’t disappoint attendee in the least during CES.  While it may be absurd to put the TV in a typical living room, it surely still looks impressive. Unfortunately, there are too few 4k content that can take advantage of the technology. But, it’s a good thing that the CEVO 4k Quad/Dual Core processor inside Toshiba’s TVs can produce 4k content from any 1080p resolution content. The chip can also boost contrast, improving video quality further.

Toshiba plan to release few 4K TV in near by future, buying a 4K TV is quite expensive as prices of 4K TV is high. If you are planning to get more information of new 4K TV released by Toshiba, keep on checking this section as we list news, reviews and comparisons of 4K TV’s launched by Toshiba on this page. In coming days 4K TV, 4k OLED TV or 4K Ultra high definition television or 4K Ultra HD TV is the next coming thing in TV. Keep on checking Toshiba 4K TV Section to find best deals on Toshiba 4K Tv’s.

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