Philips Releases the 65PUS9809 4K TV

Philips Releases the 65PUS9809 4K TV

The European brand, Phillips, has finally embraced the HDMI 2.0 technology on its newest 4k UHD TV set, the 65PUS9809. The 65-inch TV is powered by Android operating system, allowing plenty of interactivity options with users. Users could access any apps, content and services available from Google Play Store, as well as Phillips’ own services and apps.

Specs-wise, the 65PUS9809 should be able to compete with top models released by major Japan and South Korea brands. The Perfect Pixel Ultra HD technology optimizes and adjusts images to bring us enhanced overall quality. There are also other useful features including the Micro Dimming Premium and Bright Pro features. The latter is capable of adjusting contrast to the light output and it should perform better than typical LED backlighting. The Micro Dimming features comes with brighter whites and deeper blacks. Phillips proprietary Ambilight technology enhances our viewing pleasure by adding glowing light onto the surrounding wall.

Overall, the Phillips 65PUS9809 is an awesome TV set no doubt about it, but it seems to have a single major disadvantage. The 65-inch TV doesn’t come with built-in HEVC codec, which is required for those who plan to get 4K content from Netflix. It is currently the only reliable source of 4K content in the market. However, the 65PUS9809 comes with an upscaling technology that can convert lower resolution content to 4K.


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