4k TVs are one of biggest trend at CES and Sony showed off models that combine OLED and 4k. In a rather remarkable demo, Sony’s 55” 4k TV made quite a stir among the attendee. With the incredible 3840 x 2160 resolution, details are radically higher that we are used to and images are impressively crisp. The integration with OLED technology allows for more vibrant and richer colors, than competing models that use LCD. Unfortunately, it may take a little while before Sony’s 4k TVs are mass produced. To partially solve the problem of content availability, Sony Pictures will remaster a number of title into 4k content and put them into server for consumers to enjoy.

Sony plan to release few 4K TV in near by future, buying a 4K TV is quite expensive as prices of 4K TV is high. If you are planning to get more information of new 4K TV released by Sony, keep on checking this section as we list news, reviews and comparisons of 4K TV’s launched by Sony on this page. In coming days 4K TV, 4k OLED TV or 4K Ultra high definition television or 4K Ultra HD TV is the next coming thing in TV. Keep on checking Sony 4K TV Section to find best deals on Sony 4K Tv’s.

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