Sales of UHD/4K TVs is Affected By High Price and Lack of Awareness

Sales of UHD/4K TVs is Affected By High Price and Lack of Awareness

Recent studies performed by TDG (The Diffusion Group) confirm problems that we expect from 4K technology. The market performance of UHD/4K TVs seems to be hindered by a couple of simple reasons, high price and lack of awareness. The research shows that about 80 percent of broadband are unfamiliar with 4K TV technology and this is hardly an ideal environment for OEMs seeking to improve their sales.

Prices of UHD/4K TV sets generally range from $1500 for entry-level models; to more than $10,000 for top-shelf models. Unfortunately, people who are familiar with 4K technology, still consider the prices as being too expensive. As a consequence, only 6 percent of broadband users have at least moderate interest to buy a new UHD.4K TC. This should quantify just how bad the demand for the technology actually is. The current pricing alone is too high to encourage new sales.

Many users are also perfectly comfortable with their current TV sets and this shows a common complacency on purchases of new TVs. It’s clear that manufacturers need to enhance their marketing effort to improve awareness; but it would be a while before 4K technology could be more affordable for average consumers.


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