LG UB9800 UltraHD TV Review

LG UB9800 UltraHD TV Review

The LG UB9800 UltraHD TV is a large model with 80-inch display with visually striking angled bar. At about 74 inches wide and 3.5 inches thick, the LG UB9800 UltraHD TV requires appropriate mounting. It’s so huge that buyers may need to buy a new table, long enough to accommodate it. The model comes with a variety connectivity options, one PC port, three USB ports (two 2.0 and one 3.0) and four HDMI ports with 10-bit video inputs, MHL and HDCP 2.2. There’s a mount on top of the TV, which is intended for a teleconferencing camera and passive 3D. One distinguishing feature of the TV is the LG Magic Remote that feels responsive and stable.

However, despite its superlative features and performance for movie watching and game playing; the LG UB9800 UltraHD TV seems to have less than ideal display quality. Black levels don’t get deep enough, the contrast could be appalling for some and colors are duller than some of the competing 4K sets. In addition, at $7,500; not many are willing to spend their money for such a behemoth, especially if they still watch the majority of their content in HD or Full HD.


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